3 year Tonitrus Warranty

Warranty Conditions for Hardware

Tonitrus GmbH


In addition to the statutory warranty rights, we offer our customers a warranty for our hardware according to the following warranty conditions.


This warranty is a voluntary service from us. The statutory warranty rights apply independently of this warranty and are not limited by this warranty.


Tonitrus GmbH is the warrantor. Please refer to the imprint for contact details


  1. 1.         Object of the Warranty

1.1.   The warranty shall apply to new goods as well as to used and/or refurbished hardware.

1.2.   The warranty is triggered by a defect in the hardware with regard to the mechanical and electronic components used. The software installed and/or usable on the hardware, including the installed firmware, is excluded from the warranty.

1.3.   During the warranty period, we will, at our discretion, either replace the defective product at our expense or repair it free of charge. Repairs and/or replacement of defective parts under the warranty can be carried out with functionally equivalent replacement parts.

1.4.   In the event of a warranty claim, we shall bear the full shipping costs if the customer is based within the European Union or has a shipping address within the European Union. Customers located outside the European Union must bear all shipping and transport costs themselves. Insofar as customers wish to have transport insurance that exceeds our statutory obligations, the customer must bear the resulting costs himself.


  1. 2.         Conditions under which the Warranty may be invoked

2.1.   The warranty applies exclusively to hardware purchased directly from us.

2.2.   The warranty is addressed to consumers according to § 13 BGB as well as to entrepreneurs according to § 14 BGB. A consumer in this sense is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction, i.e. in particular the purchase and use of the hardware, for purposes which can predominantly neither be attributed to his commercial nor his self-employed professional activity. Entrepreneurs are those who order and use the services within the scope of their independent, professional or commercial activity.

2.3.   The warranty claim must be notified to us in writing (by letter) or in text form (e.g. by e-mail) within 14 days of knowledge of the warranty issue. The later assertion of a warranty claim is not admissible. The obligation to give notice of defects to merchants pursuant to § 377 ff. of the German Commercial Code (HGB) HGB remains unaffected by this.

2.4.   A claim of the warranty is possible only under presentation of these warranty conditions as well as the purchase receipt. If one of these two documents is missing, we are entitled to refuse any warranty services.


  1. 3.         Area of Application

The warranty is valid worldwide.  


  1. 4.         Duration of the Warranty

4.1.   The warranty period is 3 years for new, used and/or repaired/general overhauled or “refurbished” hardware purchased directly from us.

4.2.   The warranty period begins from the date of invoice. The warranty period shall not be extended or renewed by the assertion of a warranty claim.


  1. 5.         Exclusion of Warranty Services

The claim of warranty services is excluded in the following cases, as far as these have become causal for the occurrence of the defect.

5.1.   Improper storage or use. This includes, in particular, storage or use in premises where humidity or temperature is outside the original manufacturer's specification. Should the hardware indicate being storaged and/or used in rooms with a higher air humidity or an inappropriate temperature range, the customer shall be obliged to demonstrate compliance with the specified values.

5.2.   Non-observance of the instructions or notes prescribed in the instructions for use or operating instructions.

5.3.   Ordinary wear and tear. This includes in particular traces of use of parts which are subject to wear and tear, such as mechanical parts, accumulators or batteries.

5.4.   Chemical, physical or other external influences (e.g. force, etc.).

5.5.   Damage caused by weather conditions or natural phenomena (e.g. high water, frost, etc.).

5.6.   Damage caused by direct solar or thermal radiation from heating systems.

5.7.   Finally, services within the scope of this warranty are excluded unless service and repair work has been carried out on the hardware by us or by a service provider authorised in individual cases. The customer is free to propose to us a service provider for maintenance work.